How Niche Keyword Research with Google Adwords - In building a good blog, the first step that must be done is to choose good keywords and much sought after, why should you choose keywords searched jawababnnya of course this is because so many visitors stop in the web / blog.

How to choose the keywords searched, the steps that we have to do is do keyword research using Google Adwords, how it intended that the keywords we research we can be made as an ingredient to make the article we shall present to the reader, of course, before we perform keyword research would be nice, if you could choose a topic that is preferable for articles that will be made later, can be served with the maximum because you control who select a topic.
Riset Niche Menggunakan Google Adwords

Okay Jump on the implementation of the "How to Do Research Keryword With Google Adwords", with such tools Google Keyword Planner, the benchmark early to do keyword research.

How Niche Keyword Research with Google Keyword Planner

How Google Adwords Keyword Niche Research using Google tools Planner is one way of basic SEO techniques that are critical to the optimization of our article pages so that the page can mejeng on page 1 of google or pagewan term cool.

The fact Many Masters SEO using Google Adwords only to take advantage of Google Planner Tools as a reference to get niche keywords in the target. And the way it really works.

For those of you who want to focus on looking for high traffic - its high price, no action / early how good SEO Tools except the right to capitalize on Google Adwords as daluhu keyword research first. By doing keyword research properly and optimally, web / blog that we will be building certainly no shortage of traffic every day.

Riset Niche Keyword Google Adwords

And if we are lazy to research the keyword via Google Adwords first, then it is certain articles that were made will be very few visitors due to the niche keywords that your viewfinder does not match, so if we want to focus on website traffic then there is no harm in advance of our do the research. keyword research here essentially give an idea to us of the keywords often searched by readers in the google search engine.

As an additional note that articles and keywords are still a Niche highly favored by Google, because the master seo is why many now vying create articles that the Niche between articles with other articles.

Implementation of keyword research we can use in our blog, for example if the blog we discuss about the computer, then what keywords often searched by google ?, What is the "how to install the computer" or "How to assemble a computer" or "Classes How to assemble a computer" , or others who, keywords often in a google search on your computer will definitely be seen in "google planner".

Up here I hope you already know what it's why keyword research is very important.

Before we discuss about keyword research even further, it would be nice if we know in advance the type and kind words Keywords:

  1. Shot Tail Keyword
  2. Long Tail Keyword
  3. Keyword All Time
  4. keyword Seasonal
Four types of key words above are a few types that often I have encountered, in fact there are many types of the others, but four kinds of key words is enough for us to learn more about and focus.

1. Short Tail Keyword

Short Tail Keyword in general this type consists of only one or two words. Kind of like this usually have a very high competition and very difficult to be aiming for this keyword if Skil SEO pickup. Examples Short Tail as follows:
  • Computer
  • Learn computer
  • assemble Computer
  • Recent computer

2. Long Tail Keyword

Long Tail Keyword is the long version of the keyword, and for this type is recommended for those of you who are beginners and just learning SEO, because with this kind of competition level is quite low and the exact amount of visitor traffic for these keywords are relatively few and not as much Shor tail. Example of Long Tail as follows:
  • Samsung Computer Price List 2017
  • Samsung Computer of the Year
  • etc.

3. Keyword All Time

Keyword Lifetime why so named?, Because the keyword is searched in search engines because the need for living on this keyword will always be there all time, Example Keyword All Time as follows:

  • How to Treat Toothache
  • How to Treat Headaches Next
  • How to Treat Heat In Children

4. Keyword Seasonal

Seasonal keyword is searched at the time that there was a special moment or a special moment, Example of Keyword Seasonal as follows:

  • BBM New Year's Greetings
  • Barcelona vs Juventus Match Results
  • etc
Once you learn the types and kinds of keywords that are often used, then the next step is How do I do Keyword reply in accordance with what you are interested in, mastered and you aim at?

Step Niche Keyword Research with Google Adwords Using Tools "Google Planner":

Note: Make sure that before you access the Google Keyword Planner you already have a Gmail email account belongs Google, because to create google email you can use your email account is integrated with Google's other tools and almost mostly Tools that provided google be Free or Gratisan. one of which is access to Google Adwords.

1. Access then click the link Url entry in the top right corner login using your Google email account.

2. After Entry in the Google adwords menu select menu -> Tools -> Planning Keyword / Keyword Planner
Google Keyword Planner Tools

3. Then select Tab -> Search for new keywords using a phrase, website, or category

Gunakan  frasa, situs web, atau kategori - Panduan Belajar SEO

4. Fill a red sign with keyword, category Keyword and Keyword To be included

Masukkan Keyword yang Di Maksud

5. Click the button Get the idea, this will appear as below.

Cara Riset Niche Keyword dengan Google Adword

6. When It Hits My red mark "Keyword Ideas tab" then after that Click the "Download" Format Save Your Keyword Research with CVS format, this format can be opened by Microsoft Excel.

Cara Riset Niche Keyword dengan Google Adword

7. File Format CVS Google Keyword Research results Open & Start Planner you choose keywords that exist for the fox to the title of the article and then in further by creating articles that relevant as possible to the keywords and titles that you have created.
Cara Riset Niche Keyword dengan Google Adword

Thus Approximately step using How to Use Google Planner, I hope useful. For articles about the use of google planner step explanation can be found in my next article. And if the way research using Google Adwords is too difficult, you can learn to use the way - another way that is easier on the appeal of Google Adwords, Suppose an easier way, you can also take advantage of tools ubersugest. :)

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